Week 5: Digital Information


Digital information is online information that can be accessed by any digital device, thus making it a limitless tool for teachers. I’ve learnt this week how valuable digital information is within the classroom. It reaches out to different learning styles, as it is not just text-based but can also be visual. Pictures, movies and audio are all included and can grab the attention of a broader range of learning types.

This week we were required to develop a Pinterest site that represents different types of digital information that we’ve encountered. I have used Pinterest often in the past and always find it an enjoyable and interesting tool. I believe it would be beneficial to incorporate it into a lesson plan as students are engaging in digital technologies outside of the classroom and enjoy using digital technology. For this reason, teaching a class using Pinterest will make a lesson more engaging and motivating for students, Howell (2012, p. 13).

Consider all the pins and view the movie on my attached Pinterest site to find out more about  how we can use digital information in the classroom today:



Digital Information, (2014). Pinterest. Retrieved from http://www.pinterest.com/rhanarutherford/digital-information/


Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT: Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and Creativity. South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press.



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