Week 4: The Digital Divide


The Digital Divide refers to inequalities between those who have the access and resources to use digital technology, and those who do not, Digital Divide (2014). This week I’ve learnt about the main determining factors that divide this inequality. Outlined in the attached infographic, we look at who the digital divide effects.

Infographic: The Digital Divide

It’s interesting to note on the infograph, that only 15.6% of Africa’s population are internet users, compared to Australia’s 67.6%. I’ve learnt that the reason for this is that in Australia we have more access to the internet, as well as greater resources to utilise digital devices. Not for profit organisations such as The One Laptop Per Child program, are working on bridging this gap by providing technology and accessibility to children in developing countries.

Visit their website to learn more: http://one.laptop.org.

Completing the above infographic allowed me to clearly present my thoughts on the digital divide,  in an engaging and informative format. I found mine was similar to others viewed as it was concise and well thought out, but different as i wanted to answer the question, what next?, by adding information in regards to bridging the gap.

The below video showcases the positive effects of the One Laptop Per Child Program.

Zimi’s Story (2008)




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One Laptop Per Child: Zimis Story. (2008) OLPC Foundation. Retrieved from www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpRRivQgpjc



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