Week 9: Peer Feedback


I have received feedback from two of my peers about my blog, and have appreciated comments and suggestions made by them.

Attached are my 2 marked rubics.


Both peers picked up on my mistake of not in-text referencing. This is something that I believed we were told not to do, however, I was mistaken and it turns out having people check my work defiantly saved me from being marked down due to this large error. I changed each blog to include my in-text references.

There were typing mistakes that were pointed out, along with the comment that I should name my video links rather then just write “the below link…”. This was a valuable critique as it’s something I had over looked when proof reading my blog.

Finally, I was advised to rethink having so many questions in my blog. I had to inquire further about this, as I had researched what it is to write reflectively. Ultimately I decided to remove some of my reflective thoughts and questions at the advice of my group leader, however i decided to stick to my initial understanding of a reflective writing task and keep some questions in my blog.


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